What Is a Research Agreement in Civ 6

Civilization 6 is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to build their own empire and explore the world around them. One of the key features in Civ 6 is the ability to conduct research and discover new technologies. In order to do this, players need to sign research agreements with other civilizations. In this article, we will discuss what a research agreement is in Civ 6 and how it works.

What is a Research Agreement?

A research agreement is a diplomatic agreement between two civilizations in Civ 6 that allows them to share scientific knowledge with each other. When a research agreement is signed, both civilizations agree to share the benefits of their scientific research for a certain number of turns. This gives both civilizations access to technologies and helps them advance faster in the game.

How does it Work?

To sign a research agreement in Civ 6, both civilizations must first have discovered the Printing technology. Once this technology is unlocked, the player can propose a research agreement with another civilization. The other civilization can either accept or reject the proposal.

If the proposal is accepted, both civilizations must pay a certain amount of gold to each other. This cost is based on the number of turns that the research agreement will last. The longer the research agreement, the more gold it will cost.

Once the research agreement is in place, both civilizations will receive a boost to their scientific research. This boost will be based on the science output of each civilization at the time the agreement was signed. The boost will last for the duration of the research agreement.

Benefits of Research Agreements

Research agreements in Civ 6 offer several benefits to players who sign them. First, they allow players to access technologies that they may not have been able to research on their own. This can give players a significant advantage over their opponents.

Second, research agreements can help players catch up to other civilizations that may be ahead in terms of scientific research. This can be important if the player is falling behind and needs to catch up quickly.

Finally, research agreements can also be used as a diplomatic tool to build relationships with other civilizations. By signing a research agreement, players can build trust and goodwill with other civilizations, making them more likely to form alliances or sign other agreements in the future.


Research agreements are an important part of Civ 6 gameplay. They allow players to advance their scientific research faster and gain access to new technologies. By understanding how research agreements work, players can use them to their advantage and build strong relationships with other civilizations in the game.