In 1987, the company started its commercial activities under the name "GİRGİN ÇELİK." Believing in the value of specialization and providing services at affordable prices, our company has always been eager to offer the best to its customers. In order to reach a broader audience, our company, with its experience and positive reputation in the industry, has initiated active exports to various countries.

Our company, which combines quality, hygiene, and stainless elegance for pharmaceutical factories, cosmetic factories, and various laboratory production facilities, proves this with its experience in every project.

In order to better meet the needs, our product range has been updated and expanded over time, in line with the requests from our customers.

Our teams continue to provide maintenance and service for the equipment provided by our company since 1987, and they work diligently to deliver other products in our portfolio to the customers with the dignity they deserve.

Our ServIce Approach

CompetItIve PrIcIng

Girgin Steel prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering high-quality stainless steel products at competitive prices. As a company, we continuously optimize cost-efficiency and production processes to provide our customers with high-quality products at affordable rates. Our pricing policy aims to offer options suitable for every customer's budget without compromising on quality and durability. Girgin Steel continues to be a preferred brand among customers in the kitchen and pharmaceutical sectors by providing superior quality at competitive prices.

QualIty ServIce

Since 1987, Girgin Steel has been a leading brand through the delivery of quality services to customers. Our company aims to elevate customer satisfaction to the highest level with a meticulous approach and dedication in our area of expertise. Our quality-focused approach is not only reflected in providing excellent products to our customers but also in our professional and reliable service. With its years of experience and industry leadership, Girgin Steel continuously strives to understand our customers' needs and provide them with top-notch service.

QualIty MaterIals

Girgin Steel offers reliable solutions to customers by using high-quality materials in the production process. Durable and hygienic materials like stainless steel are preferred, and material quality is meticulously controlled. As a result, our products are durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. While our customers achieve high performance and satisfaction, Girgin Steel is committed to maintaining quality standards since its establishment.

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